“The Wise Men went to the house. There they saw the child with his mother Mary. They bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures. They gave him gold, incense and myrrh.”

(Matthew 2:11)

God gave us the first Christmas gift when He sent His Son Jesus! In return, The Three Wise Men brought three special gifts to thank Him for sending our Savior. How can we explain why we give gifts on Christmas? We give gifts as a symbolic gesture of thanking God for the gift of Jesus. We give gifts to show our love and  appreciation to others for the sake of giving, not receiving! This is the true Spirit of Christmas!

Here are a few ideas to teach your children about the spirit of giving.  Have them help you bake cookies for neighbors and friends.  Deliver them with your child! Help a family in need buy Christmas gifts for their children, or look through His gift catalogues and give to Him — the Compassion CatalogSamaritan’s Purse CatalogPartner’s International CatalogWorld Vision CatalogGospel for Asia Catalog.

Teaching your children how to have GRATEFUL hearts begins here!

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