This year we are changing things up a bit.  For the next 20 days we are going to publish our photos of FUN ways in which to use your angel as a tool in your home to spark an excitement and yearning for knowledge about the birth of our KING and a love for their Father in Heaven!


Write a letter from your angel to your child… 


One of our favorite letters came from a customer, Jennifer Howard.  She shared a letter her elf wrote to her boys about their angel, Sarah…

Dear Austin and Noah,

This year I am sending the best surprise that there could be.

She is the Secret angel and she has more magic even than me!

She is your Guardian Angel and she is sent straight from Heaven above

To protect you and watch you and teach of the most incredible Love!

Every night she will send her report on how you behaved that day.

But she reports directly to God who wipes all of your sins away!

On special days she may bring with her a special treat!

A book, a toy, a DVD… or maybe something yummy to eat.

Her game is the same as mine, you must find her in her hiding spot.

She’s really pretty good at it…She likes the game a lot!

Remember not to touch her, even if she falls down…

If you do her power will flow out of her wings and gown!

You can talk to her and make wishes just like you did with me,

She will share your wishes with God above and they may just come to be.

God will share your wishes with Santa because God is Santa’s Boss!

Santa believes that Jesus is God’s son and that He died on the cross!

Santa is a servant of God and knows Christmas is about one thing,

Not lights or gifts or presents or seeing how loud you can sing!

Your Angel will help you remember what the True meaning of Christmas is.

God came to Earth as a Baby named Jesus, May the Glory Always be His!

Christmas is celebrating the Birthday of Our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Happy Birthday Jesus! Happy Birthday Jesus! Come on lets say it twice!!!

There is one more thing you need to know, Your Angel is not yet alive!

You must first give her a name so that She will have God’s power deep inside!

Please choose a good one as She will have it for all of her days!

She’s been waiting for a special Name and she came an awful long way!

On Christmas Eve she will go back to heaven to stay with God for a while.

But on special occasions she will return to remind you of what makes God smile.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

And never forget to spread the word of Gods Glory and Cheer!

Love Your Friend,

Joey Elf Elfee

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