“We love because he first loved us.” (1 John 4:19)

When a child climbs on Santa’s lap in a crowded mall, the first thing Santa asks is, “What’s your name, child?” Do they know God already knows their name? Children sing Santa’s words by heart, “You better not cry..” Do they know Jesus promises to wipe away their tears? 

We cannot realistically expect our little ones to truly seek God’s presence over Santa’s presents at such a young age. But what we can do is teach them that God always loves them, whether they are naughty or nice! 

Lesson Six: Ask your child why they think they should behave this Christmas? You’ll get a lot of stock answers that have to do with getting more presents… Take a breath and teach them that God wants them to be good because that’s how He created them to be! All they have to do is be their self and act lovingly because it is true to their nature!