“I have told you this so that my JOY may be in you and that your JOY may be complete.”   (John 15:11)

Joy is an elusive emotion. It is often misunderstood until experienced. Joy is the quiet contentment and assurance we feel knowing God is always with us; despite our situations. Happiness depends on what happens. It quickly fades when things don’t go our way. Joy runs much deeper, it always remains. Joy comes from knowing God, being thankful for what He has done for us and truly believing that He always loves us!

Lesson: Help teach your child that being joyful is when we have a “good attitude” and remain “positive” even when we don’t get what we want. Does joy mean we will always be happy? No, but we can experience God’s joy even when we’re sad, but only if we choose to! The best way to teach our children about joy is to be joyful! When joy permeates your life, children will learn to be joyful through you! As you tuck your child into bed tonight, remind them that God is always with them, whether they are happy or sad. God hopes we will always be joyful! His Word teaches us that His love  never ends and He never stops caring about His children!