“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.” (Exodus 23:20)

When the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary he revealed he had a message for her from God. Although Mary was frightened, she knew Gabriel was sent directly by the Lord so her fear turned to obedience. She was obeying the Lord, as He is the One who commands the angels.

As this relates to our little ones this time of year, we must be mindful that they understand God is the boss of everyone, including their secret angel and “Santa”. As engaging and enchanting as they both may be, God is far more fascinating! He is BIGGER than BIG! HUGER than HUGE! Kids love the visual of extending your arms wide and playing along- Smarter than smart, Stronger than strong… you get the idea!

Lesson 5: Ask your child if they know who angels report to. Ask them who they think Santa reports to. Help them understand that God created everything and is above every living person or creature. The point of this lesson is to capture exactly who or what fascinates your chid the most and revert their attention to God! He is far better than anyone or anything their sweet little minds could ever imagine!